We are excited to be opening Monday 6 July, 2020!


We ask our members to read all information and to complete necessary tasks in anticipation for new procedures in our facility.


Firstly, we ask all members to submit a health questionnaire prior to coming back to the gym.



A booking system is in place for classes AND the gym floor.
Prior to arrival at the gym you MUST be booked in with us.


What to expect:

We have a new one way system in place.
Have a look by clicking below to see what to expect when you come back to the gym.

Regarding our previous update:

  • CLEAN HANDS– Upon entry AND exit, hand sanitation will be required
  • MEMBERSHIP CARDS/FOBS – Upon entry to the building, swiping your membership card will be mandatory. A record of all individuals in our facilities must be kept for any possible need for contact tracing.
  • ONE WAY System – There will now be an entry and separate exit door. Additionally there will be a flow system throughout the building (signage will guide you, and as always our staff is on hand to help)
  • NO GEAR BAGS – towels and water will be permitted but we request that gear bags be left in the car or at home
  • CHANGING ROOMS – Members will have limited access, we ask our members to plan ahead to shower at home when possible. Our booking system is in place to ensure each member is able to utilize amenities while adhering to social distancing within their 75 minute time slot.
  • CLASSES– Following social distancing requirements, class sizes will be LIMITED. We have marked our large studio and spin studio to adhere to distancing requirements. Booking classes will be completed through our online platform, as per usual.
  • LIMITED NUMBERS – Restricted numbers will be permitted into our facilities. A booking system is now in place to help adhere to social distancing requirements from the government. This is to ensure members and staff can work comfortably and more importantly safely.
  • STATIONS – upon entry you will have an option to choose what area of exercise you wish to utilize. Stations will be a section of work area for you to work safely within for the duration of the workout. This station will be your area safely sectioned off to adhere to social distancing requirements.
  • CHOOSE, USE, CLEAN – This is our new slogan.
    • When you enter the workout space, you will
      • CHOOSE a space to complete your workout, select equipment necessary to complete your workout, bring them to your “station”
      • USE use the equipment you have in your station. You will not be permitted to move around freely taking weights/equipment from other stations, this is an attempt to adhere to social distancing as much as possible to create a safe environment for everyone in our facilities.
      • CLEAN any equipment being used MUST BE CLEANED before AND after your workout. This limits contamination for yourself, and the members who will follow you. Dumbbells, plates, bars, steps, seats, benches MUST BE CLEANED
  • PHONES – phones will be permitted on the premises, but we ask that use is limited while using our facility. Phones are a major transferrer of dirt and bacteria and we request that the use of devices be limited to avoid cross contamination for yourself and others around.
  • CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN – We will have sanitation stations throughout the gym. Stations include sanitizing sprays, disposable blue paper, and hand sanitizer for your health and safety. Additional cleaning will be carried out by staff throughout the day to increase health and safety measure adherence.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call us from Monday.
Any membership enquiries can be directed through email at