Denis’ Top 5 Tips to Surviving Christmas

By – Denis Reynor

We are just days away from moving into December which will trigger a long chain of events, parties, & get togethers that could see you struggling at keeping your routine and fitness levels on track.

Here are my top tips to help point you in the right direction through the holidays.

1. Keep to your regular meals

Try to keep to your usual meal times as much as possible, breakfast, lunch and dinner rather than constantly grazing on ‘finger food’ and leftovers! Make sure these meals are protein rich (leftover turkey anyone?) and filling so that you’re not constantly tempted to snack.

If you have 5 meals out to attend, have a look at the menus beforehand and work out which ones have healthy options. Decide which night out you want to be a ‘blow out’ and try to choose body friendly meals for the rest. Fish dishes, steak and bunless burgers are all great options that don’t draw attention to the fact that you’re watching what you eat!

2. Switch to spirits

Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve, family get togethers… these often come hand in hand with a steady supply of boozy drinks! Switch your wine and beer to clear spirits and calorie free mixers and you might not ward off a nasty hangover but you’ll definitely consume fewer calories in the process.

3. Let’s keep moving

Don’t let one week of Christmas turn into one month of Chaos! Highlight the days you’ll be ‘Christ-massing’ and stick to your routine either side of it! Why wait until January to get back on track?!

Even if you can’t find the time to make it to the studio, get out and do something! Go for a nice long walk or ask your trainer (AKA me!!!) to give you a programme that you can easily follow at home!

4. Hide that Chocolate or Wrap that Chocolate!

Don’t leave a big tub of chocolates within reaching distance while you’re watching the telly. Out of sight, out of mind. Bring them out when you have guests and put them away again afterwards!

If you do end up with endless boxes of chocolate and a tonne of left over party food – you don’t need to eat it all!! Take it to a local food bank! A good deed and a good deal of calories saved!

5. Get your family and friends involved

Let your family know that you’re following a healthier lifestyle and that you’d appreciate support instead of peer pressure to ‘have just one more’ – you never know, you might even encourage them to join you on that walk!

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Happy Holidays everyone