5 Top Tips to keep on top of your New Year Resolutions

Each New Year 80% of the Irish population set new year resolutions to try and better themselves, but by the time February comes round most of us seem to fall back into old habits and give up on what was set out only a month previously. Clearly it takes more than good intentions, but fear not! Here are some of our top tips to help you try to avoid pitfalls, so instead of beating yourself up read on and successfully adopt your new year resolutions!

1. Have you taken on too much in one go?

Taking on too much can be overwhelming and is also unrealistic and down the line you seem to start failing, this can erode confidence which can in turn itself weaken intentions. Instead of setting 50 resolutions at the start of the year, start small, for example instead of setting a target of 5 gym sessions a week set a target of two, and increase this to 3 times after two weeks and so on. The confidence you gain from each small step can accumulate and help bridge the gap between intentions and actions.

2. Lack of specificity

Are your goals too vague? such as “loose weight” or “start running”? These goals can make it hard to monitor your progress made. Be more specific, look back at your goals and change “loose weight” to “loose 1 pound a week” and “start running” to “10K per week” along with how you plan to achieve this, set a schedule for what days you will run and how far!

3. Going it alone

It can be hard to start something new alone! Solution? Get yourself an exercise or diet plan partner! It won’t only just keep you motivated but it might build some healthy competition, which will push you even farther!

4. Stop being over critical!

If you are too hard on yourself if you splurge on a packet of crisps or don’t hit your fitness goal for the week it can really derail all of your hard work! Lets face it, shit happens! Pick yourself back up and say “tomorrow will be better” make sure you get back on track ASAP and pat yourself on the back for doing so!

5. Living in the moment too much?

Living in the moment can leave you more vulnerable to temptations that satisfy your present self. Think about how “future you” can benefit from your health goals to overcome temptations!