8 Weeks to a Leaner You!

Tired of hiding your body under oversized tees and slouchy jumpers for fear of revealing an extra few inches? Especially with the party season just around the corner? 
What better way to kick-start your motivation levels than with our focused “8 weeks to a leaner you”?
In 8 weeks you could loose over a stone before Christmas getting you party ready, “8 weeks to a leaner you” is designed to make weight loss easy and effortless. You wont have to count calories or keep a food diary, you will simply have to choose from a variety of delicious healthy foods without any tracking or worrying. First you will meet with our qualified Nutritionist, during this consult you will get all body measurements taken including weight, height, body fat%, water%, metabolic age, muscle mass and inches. you will then be able to begin your weight loss journey!
Sounds easy, but what do I have to do??
Don’t fret, you will be then given a layout of what types of food groups your body needs and how much of each food group you need! You will then be given a whole list of foods which you can choose from to easily fit into your plan and a list of recipes that you can try out at home that the whole family will love!. All you have to do is eat!!
The next thing you will be given is a Class Pass card, on this will be 3 lines, each week you will have access to 3 classes per week, and each time you attend a class simply hand it too your instructor and they will sign it for you!
You can check out our wide variety of gym classes by (clicking here) !
Each week you will then attend a group meeting with other people also wanting be loose weight and get leaner in 8 short weeks! At this group meeting you will get weighed in with our nutritionist and ask any questions that you may have and to keep you on top of your progress!
8 Weeks to a leaner you will be beginning on the week of October 24th!
To save your space or to enquire about prices please call us on 021 4976060 and we will be happy to help explain any queries you may have!