Easter Rehab!

Easter weekend is nearly here! Easter is one of those holidays that is like Christmas time when it comes to eating, we always tend to over do it in the lead up to the holiday and especially on the day, and then we struggle to get back on track. People in the gym are still saying to us “I’m still eating rubbish since Christmas time” and Christmas finished up 4 months ago!! So we are here to give you some tips to help you get back on track after Easter, without it giving you habits that may last months down the line. It is coming into Summer after all and we are all after that beach bod!

1. Get rid of the chocolate!

If you have left over chocolate in the house and the temptation is too much, melt the eggs down and make rice crispy cakes! Then chop up the bars that come with the eggs and use them as toppings. They will go down great with the kids for a treat and for an activity on Easter Sunday!

2. Make a timetable for the week ahead

Get organised and plan your coming week, It’s important to get out of the bad habits before they become permanent. Set days and times that you plan to come to the gym and write it into your diary like you would a meeting and make sure you go to it! To make it easier for you check out our April class timetable here or check our out personal training packages

3. Prepare your meals

Prepare your lunches ahead of work the next day, it will stop you having to make an unhealthy decision at the deli and picking up a bar of chocolate at the checkout, and it will also save you money!

4. Track your calories

It’s a good idea to track your calories to find out  how much you are actually eating in a day, you may surprise yourself! A good phone app to track you food is MyfitnessPal, It’s free to use and you simply have to scan the bar code on your food and it will enter it in. It also shows you how much protein, carbohydrates and fats you are getting along with fibre for your gut and how much sugar you are eating! If you are unsure of how much food you should be eating in a day why not book in with our nutritionist to get advice on what your body needs! Click here for more information.

5. Drink plenty of water!

About 60% of the Irish population doesn’t drink enough water. Water is needed to detoxify our livers and so it will be very helpful after the Easter holidays, it also has other great benefits like: Lowering resting heart rate, clears our skin, aids with digestion and absorption and speeds up our metabolism. So get drinking!

6. Pack your gear bag the night before

Cant’t find the motivation to get your gear bag ready in the morning for the gym? Pack your gear bag the night before, you may not want to go in the morning but it will be in the car for when you finish work to ensure you get there!

Have a very Happy Easter from all of us at NRG Xpress