Getting Back into Routine this September

– By Denis Reynor

Well, we have found ourselves back in September and for a lot of us, after taking a few months of a break, we are gradually trying to get ourselves back into the exercise groove

Let’s be honest, summertime is amazing. Relaxing in the Sun, Socializing in the beer gardens. It’s all pretty great.

But one unfortunate downside is that your active routines can quickly go out the window. That’s why September is all about slowly getting our routine back into full swing.

Of course, for many that’s easier said than done. Kids are just back to school, the days are already getting shorter, and after a couple months of not doing much, it can be a little harder than simply picking back up where you left off, especially when it comes to weight training and cardio machines.

With that in mind, here are some tips that will help you overcome the most common challenges and increase your chances of getting back into an active routine.

  1. Start Slowly

Don’t jump back into the gym at 100%, lower you weights in your exercises and start back with 2 days in the gym. Try booking into a classes to help create a new routine.


  1. Reset Goals

Creating goals help create routine and will also help motivate you to stay active. Look into meeting a trainer to get a programme designed for you and also to get your measurements taken to start you back off in the gym.


  1. Plan out your meals ahead of time

By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail – Benjamin Franklin. Always look into preparing your meals ahead of time to avoid buying meals outside that could have high levels of saturated fats and sugars. Making your own meals not only help you control your calorie intake, but will also save you lots of money.


  1. Pack your stuff the night before

Plan your workouts for the week ahead of time and be pack and ready the night before. This will help you stay mentally focused and keep you on top of your routine.


  1. Bring a friend

Workouts are always better in a group of with a partner. Try meeting up with a friend to help you stay determined to stick to you routine. Ask a trainer to design you a programme that you can work on together to make your gym sessions more enjoyable.


For more information on goal settings and creating routines, email me on


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Denis Reynor, Personal Trainer

NRG Xpress, Little Island, Co. Cork