How many calories are in your Christmas dinner?

Only 6 more sleeps and we will all be indulging in our favourite meal of the year, Christmas dinner!! Have you ever wondered just how many calories are in out favourite dinner? Well we are going to give you a breakdown of what your average Christmas dinner calories rack up too!

From roast potatoes, to the couple glasses of bubbly with dinner we have got the lot. While even after this we will still all have our Christmas dinner it’s interesting to see what we actually put into our bodies over the holidays.

Are you ready??


Prawn Cocktail – 350Calories


2 slices of turkey – 110 Calories

2 slices of ham – 125 Calories

5 medium roast potatoes – 815

3 small roast carrots – 63

3 small roast parsnips – 98

2 pigs in blankets (sausage wrapped in bacon) – 200

Bacon and Butter fried brussel sprouts – 176

1 cup of stuffing – 220

200g gravy – 159

Cranberry sauce 100g – 151


Christmas Pudding 100g – 330

50mls Cream – 194


2 glasses of bubbly with dinner – 180

3 Glasses of wine after dinner – 399

Total Calories – 3570 Calories

And remember this doesn’t include all of the celebration, quality street, roses, selection boxes and other goodies throughout the day!