How To Book Classes/Gym Sessions Online

NRG Xpress – Little Island, Cork –

Booking Classes & Gym sessions

Step 1:

Search in the URL bar

Step 2:

Click on “Member Login” on the top right corner of the screen.







Step 3:

To register, click the “Register” hyperlink in red as shown below.







Step 4:

Enter the details as instructed. See below example.













Step 5:

You will then receive a confirmation email to the email address entered in the above section.

Open this email and click the “Click here to complete” hyperlink as shown below to confirm your address to the system.










Step 6:

Enter the membership number on the back of your NRG Xpress fob, your D.O.B and Phone number as seen below

Login to your account by simply entering your email address and chosen password as seen below. Your account will then sync with our system and all classes will be available for you to book into.











Step 7:

Click Class Timetable on the left tab bar to view all classes available.

To book into your chosen class simply click the “Book” hyperlink in red as seen below.










Step 8:

If you want to make sure you have booked into the class click “Basket” or “My Home” and you should see something similar to one of the below images.