Meditation – A brief Introduction

What is Meditation? – Contrary to popular belief, meditation need not be always done sitting on a cushion, legs crossed with your hands in position like a Buddhist. Nor does it have to be done in a perfectly quiet place. Anyone with a conscious mind can do it but the reality is most people live their lives not in the present but in perpetual thought about stressful things like work, relationships, social status, physical appearance and their financial situation to name a few. No doubt, it is a good thing to contemplate these things and plan, but people fail to orient themselves in a way that balances these worries with living your actual life in the present moment because at the end of the day, all we ever have in this life is the present moment.

Meditation is simply the act of being consciously aware of the present moment and its accompanied sensations (sights, smells, feelings, etc.) and this can be achieved anywhere and at any time. You would be shocked how often you can be swept away in thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow. How often have you driven to work and upon arrival had the feeling that you got there from complete autopilot or that sections of the trip were absent from your memory? This is most probably because you were locked in thought about something and this is normal, but is it really the best way to live a fulfilling life?

Meditation helps slow the mind down by paying attention to the present moment and it makes for a richer experience in general. The best way to approach meditation is to remember the present moment and to think in terms of the senses. An ideal place to start is by lying in bed and just paying attention to your breathing and its accompanied sensations – the feeling of your belly rising, the smell in the air as it passes through your nostrils. Feel the ground beneath you, hear the sounds around you, open the window and smell the summer air (cut grass would be ideal!), don’t try to steer your thoughts, just witness them appear in consciousness and just be… The benefits will come, be patient and enjoy every day! #Xpressyournrg #NRGXpress #meditation #Mindfulness #relax #mental #health #reducestress #gym #5minutesaday