Nutritional Packages

Dear members,

Here at NRG Xpress we are always trying to expand our knowledge to create more opportunities for our members to enhance your experience with us!

Erin O’Leary holds an honours Degree in Nutrition and Health Science and has experience in making detailed diet plans.
She has experience weight loss, food intolerance’s, diabetes, celiac disease, PCOS, IBS and IBD, under active thyroid, macular degeneration, weight gain/muscle gain and much more.

We are now offering specialised packages with our Nutritionist! Erin holds single consultations for the price of €50, along with different plans. The plans are 6 weeks and 4 weeks in length and the prices are €200 and €140 respectively.

With these programmes you will receive:

•       An initial one to one consultation with your Nutritionist in which you will discuss your goals, diet and lifestyle, daily activity levels, water intake, food likes and dislikes along with full measurements.

•       A detailed, tailored diet plan for 6 weeks post your initial consultation

•       Weekly meet ups with your Nutritionist to track progress (weigh in, re-taking of all measurements) and adjust diet plans accordingly

•       Constant access to your coach to help keep you motivated and on track

•       Exercise advise and Tips

A combination of a healthy diet and exercise has nothing but a 100% success rate!
Here at NRG we pride ourselves in helping our members achieve their goals!

If you wish to contact the gym or have any enquires please don’t hesitate to call us or email our nutritionist at

“let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Kinds Regards,
The NRG Team