Strengthen your Willpower!

Our willpower always comes into question when we want to reach for that bar of chocolate or want to dial for a take away. Studies suggest that there are ways to get yourself some willpower of steel!

If you cave to those cravings and lack motivation here are our top 5 tips to keep your wavering willpower intact!


Avoid the most “Addictive” foods

One of the ways to stop your willpower of steel turning to foil is avoid foods that require the most willpower not to eat. These would include your personal “trigger” foods, those that are high in a combination of fat salt and sugar. Foods such as cakes, cookies, chocolate and donuts. Even looking at these choices are test of willpower, so don’t even look at them, ditch the fast food menus and avoid the sweets section in the supermarket!

Keep blood sugar levels stable

Self control is highly regulated by your blood sugar. When blood sugar levels drop we loose our ability to resist temptation. To keep energy and blood sugar levels stable try to eat smaller meals more frequently, avoid sugary treats and enjoy your carbohydrates with protein, unsaturated fats or fibre. Alcohol can also lower blood sugar levels which can cause foods to seem more appealing.

Skip food TV and food ads

It has been proven that TV viewing is linked to being overweight because the food and beverage advertising subconsciously makes us crave more of these foods, even if we aren’t hungry! The same is true for watching cooking shows or the food network, same goes for all of those Instagram or pinterest photos your drooling over!

Plan Ahead!

50% of dieters say they fail at their healthy eating because of lack of willpower. The more food related decisions we make, the more chance there is to derail your diet. The more choices you leave to chance the more likely you are to make unhealthy choices. Plan your meals a day or two in advance and always shop with a grocery list to help eliminate unhealthy food choices.

Focus on one positive behaviour at a time 

With over 200+ food choices we have to deal with everyday , it can be very hard work. Try to conserve your willpower by trying to make one small change at a time. Something like, eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day or completing a workout at least 5 times a week.