More than just a gym

As a former member of many different Gyms throughout my life I can safely say that none of them compare to NRG Xpress Little Island.
For a start the equipment is world class, everything about it is 5 star: the gym, the studio, the classes and the changing facilities.
The equipment is all electronically integrated which is great for your smartphone and the fact that there is such a selection means you’re never waiting for a machine.
The free classes: spinning, bootcamp etc.. are absolutely brilliant. I can’t speak highly enough about the staff.
From the moment you walk in the door the welcome you receive itself is a boost.
And during classes the energy and commitment they themselves put in is infectious, you cannot help but give yourself that extra 10% push.
It’s not only the gym work that’s outstanding, having just completed the latest Toughathlon as part of the team I haven’t felt so alive in such a long time. The  bond between strangers and strength to get through because of the staff was sensational.
My own personal goal was just to get fit when I started out on this journey but thanks to the incredible staff at NRG Xpress I’m down 20lbs in under 3 months.
I’ve never felt so alive and I hope with the encouragement and dedication of the staff to keep on going.
This is one gym I certainly won’t be leaving!!
Johnny C

Johnny Conroy