The love I have for NRG

The Nrg xpress gym since I joined almost 1 year ago, as well as being the most modern gym in cork it has a superb selection of Cardio and strength training equipment that I have ever used. I definitely recommend getting a plan made up by the instructors so you can reach your goals, the instructors will show you everything that you need to know about the equipment.The classes are really well organised and cater for everyone from beginners to extremely advanced people, together with extremely dedicated instructors who are extremely knowledgeable it makes the classes superbly run. Lately I purchased 1 of the polar flow heart monitors which helps you check through the use of a phone app how your fitness levels are improving week by week, the app is very easy to use and can be used throughout the gym but especially in the polar flow spinning class. Overall I would recommend NRG xpress gym to everybody, just want to say thanks to the hard working staff there it’s been a pleasure to train and really enjoy the training at the same time

Jamie O Rourke Johnson and Johnson