The 10 Commandments of the Gym.


We’re not ones to dish out strict and rigid rules here at NRG Xpress, but we think you’d all agree that there are certain things that occur in the gym on a regular basis that should be stamped out. If we all abide by these simple rules, we can all have a less frustrating, happier, safer workout!

1. Thou shalt have a towel at all times.
2. Always return your weights/plates to the racks. If you can lift
it you can return it!
3. Always wipe down machines/benches after use.
4. Do not slam/ drop weights. If you can’t control the weight don’t
use it.
5. Don’t be a hog-use it or lose it! Don’t leave your towel on a
bench/machine if you are using something else at the same time.
6. If you spend more time texting on your phone than you do working out, leave it in your locker.
7. We love that you are making gains and progressing to heavier weights, but please avoid grunting excessively and have regard for other members.
8. If you are unsure how to perform an exercise please ask.
9. Listen to your body. Sometimes your body tells you that you should stop working out for the day because your muscles are straining which may lead to injury.
10. Be courteous and friendly.