Top reasons to join NRG Xpress

At least half the population makes resolutions each year with exercise, health & fitness among the top goals. Have you committed to improving your fitness and health levels in 2015?

If so, below are the top reasons why joining NRG Xpress, Cork, can help you realise your goals!

Save Money. Currently you can join NRG Xpress at the lowest membership rates in the area. Also, as a member, you can get the best discounts on our programs including personal training & group training.

Support. Sticking with your exercise regime is hard work. You can develop a support system at NRG Xpress of people who are working toward similar goals.

Expert Assistance. Joining NRG Xpress, Cork, will give you access to fitness consultants, personal trainers and fitness instructors who can develop an exercise program for you in order to help you achieve your goals and answer your questions. We encourage all of our members to meet with one of our fitness consultants at least once.

Free Classes. We offer a huge variety of  fitness classes each week that focus on cardio, stretching, conditioning and building strength. Trying a variety of classes will keep you from getting bored and expand your fitness horizon.

Equipment. We have more than 60 pieces of state of the art Life Fitness equipment to choose from including bikes, treadmills, stair climbers, cross trainers, free weights, and resistance machines.

Motivation. Staying excited is important when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. At NRG Xpress, you will see others reach their goals and it can serve as encouragement for you.

Convenience. A perfect location for all those in the area and passing through, NRG Xpress offers a convenience in its location, multiple free parking and efficiency of daily operations. Ensuring your visit is as efficient as possible.

Find out more: contact us or call in to take a tour. Call 0214976060 for additional information