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Niamh teaches several classes here at NRG Xpress including Spinning, Circuits, TRX, Kettlebells, Boxercise, Boot camp, Zumba, Clubercise and Ab attack/Core stability.

Contact her via email at niamh@nrgxpress.com





Client Testimonials;

Rowan; Client of Niamh’s












Johnny; Client of Niamh’s


“When I started this journey with Niamh back in mid February my goals were simple, to burn body fat and increase upper body strength.

  • Starting body fat was 28.8 %
  • Visceral fat was 8.8 %
  • Metabolic age was 48 (actual 41)
  • Weight was 68.3 kg
  • I could barely manage 3 pull ups and my resting heart rate was 60’s and every time I trained I was over ?% of maximum heart rate.

Now, less than 6 months later I can safely say the results have been outstanding. After a full 6 week PT programme with Niamh and one every few weeks I cannot believe how far I have come. Anyone thinking of PT or in need of that extra push to get to the next level I highly recommend personal training with Niamh. I have surpassed my goals, set new personal bests at everything and I can now manage 10 pull-ups which is a huge achievement considering I had a serious shoulder injury last year.

  • Current body fat 18.8 %
  • Visceral fat is 7 %
  • Metabolic age is 34
  • Weight is 66.5 kg

That’s a massive 10 %  body fat loss and literally 14 years added to my life.

Resting heart rate is now in the 40s and when I train I barely hit 90 % maximum. The results speak for themselves and it wasn’t easy getting there but having someone push you that extra bit is worth it. Can’t wait for the next set of results.” – Johnny C