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Cardio Equipment



Cardiovascular Machines:

Treadmills – Cross trainers – AMT’s Adaptive Motion – Trainers Bikes – Climbers – Rowers

All of our equipment is new and well maintained.

Cardiovascular training is clearly the most important aspect of achieving fitness, especially for someone who’s overweight. Strength training is beneficial, of course, but it runs counter to your basic needs of slimming. A few key components you need to consider concerning cardio training are:

1) Intensity – the intensity relates to the type of exercise you do, and how hard you do it.

2) Duration – the time your workout takes. For fat-burning, many fitness experts recommend a minimum of 45 minutes, 3 to 5 times per week


Free Weights


We have a huge variety of Free Weights available in our clubs.

Olympic Bench Press – Olympic Incline Press – Olympic Decline Press – Olympic Bench Press with Weight Storage – Squat Rack – 45° Back Extension – Bent Leg Abdominal – BoardLeg Raise – ChairTwin – Tier Dumbbell Rack – Three Tier Dumbbell – RackFlat Bench – Adjustable Bench – Utility Bench – Weight Tree – Weight Tree with Bar Storage – Adjustable Decline Bench – Barbell Rack

Resistance Machines


We have a huge variety of Resistance Machines available in our clubs.

Arms Resistance Machines: Tricep Extension – Pec Fly – Bicep Curl – Bench Press – Pull Over – Shoulder Press – Tricep Press

Back and Trunk Resistance Machines: Seated Row – Lat Pull Down – Assisted Chin-ups – Crunch Machine – Back Extension Machine

Leg Resistance Machines: Chest Press – Knee Curl – Leg Press – Inner Thigh (adductors) – Outer Thigh (abductors) – Seated Calf Raise – Standing Calf Raise

NRG Xpress Gym has all different resistance machines comes in many shapes, styles, and sizes. In some cases, several machines work the same muscle groups and perform the same basic exercises, but they put you in different positions (sitting, lying, or standing), so the gym machines may look different.Some gym equipment uses a series of cables to pull up different amounts of weight bars stacked on top of each other. Other gym equipment uses hydraulic resistance — air pressure — to provide the resistance that your muscles will move against.