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Unlock the 5 incredible benefits of using our Normatec recovery boots:

🌿 Decrease inflammation and muscle tension: Extensive research supports the impact of inflammation on performance and health. Our compression boots work wonders in reducing inflammation and easing muscle tension, aiding your recovery process.

⏰ Decrease recovery time: Faster recovery means more time for what you love! By addressing inflammation effectively, you can significantly shorten your muscle recovery time, ensuring consistent and improved training sessions.

🏃‍♀️ Increase range of motion and flexibility: Swift recovery leads to enhanced range of motion and overall movement quality. As we age, preserving mobility becomes vital, and our Normatec boots can help you achieve just that. Pair it with our Yoga classes for optimal results!

🌊 Reduce swelling and water accumulation: Post-injury or strenuous workouts, swelling can be an obstacle. Prioritize your recovery to maximize results. Our Normatec boots, along with expert massage techniques inspired by Laura F. Jacobs, offer the benefits of sports massages and cold compression.

💨 Normatec boots increase circulation: Elevate the quality of your recovery with improved circulation. Our Normatec recovery boots provide a host of benefits, but remember, they work best when integrated into a solid base recovery regime, encompassing good sleep, a balanced diet, and exercise management.


1 Session (30min), 4 Sessions (30min)