Winter Salmon and Dill Bake

The nights are getting shorter, it’s getting colder, the kids are back to school and no doubt they are starving when they walk in the door! Why now try out this salmon bake with fluffy roast potatoes, zesty lemon and crunchy snap peas! It’s all done in one tray so clean up is minimal and […]

Chocolate and Coconut Energy Balls

Ingredients 1 packet of pitted dates Pinch of salt 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder Chocolate chips (optional) Shredded coconut Tablespoon of water Directions Place the dates into a food processor with water and pulse Add in salt, cocoa powder and chocolate chips if adding them Mix again in processor until combined Break off 20g portions […]

Coffee – Is it good or bad?

The coffee industry in Ireland is on the rise, with 75% of the Irish population stating that they drink coffee, and 70% of them stating they have more than 1 cup of coffee a day. Every day many of us rely on coffee for a morning energy boost or an afternoon pick me up, or […]

Summer Pop Swaps

Summer is here and so is ice lolly season! But remember not all ice pops are created equal! Store bought treats tend to have a lot of unwanted added sugars, which in turn can mean unwanted empty calories, preservatives, additives and colouring’s. This can be the last thing you want when you are trying to […]

Easter Rehab!

Easter weekend is nearly here! Easter is one of those holidays that is like Christmas time when it comes to eating, we always tend to over do it in the lead up to the holiday and especially on the day, and then we struggle to get back on track. People in the gym are still […]

Oat and Yogurt Bread

Are you a lover of bread but want a healthier swap? Fear not, why not try out our Nutritionists yogurt and oat bread which can also be made, dairy free! Ingredients: 500g Natural Yogurt (use soy yogurt for a dairy free version) 1 Egg beaten 1 Tablespoon of Treacle (optional) 300g Oats 2tsp bread soda […]

Yay or Nay to Protein Powders?

One of the biggest things I get asked is “should I be taking protein after the gym?” Well this post will give you the ins and outs on protein powder and if it may benefit you or not! Protein products these days are everywhere, and in every flavour from plain to cookie cream milkshake! Choosing […]

Green Recipes for Paddy’s Day Festivities!

St.Patricks weekend is approaching! While it’s one of the biggest celebrated weekends in Ireland we rarely take care of our health! We may drink green dyed beer and bagels but the aren’t the top of our nutrition list! Why not try some of these green foods to get all the family into the paddy’s day […]

Lent snacking!

The Irish population love snacking nearly as much as we want to loose weight! However these snacks aren’t always nutritious and they can add too many unneeded calories into our diets. While lent is here people find it hard to swap their chocolate, sweets or crisps for healthy snacks, and so I am here to […]

The gut flora: a healthy garden needs healthy soil

Within the last few years gut problems have been on the rise, weather it’s sensitivity to certain foods such as gluten, dairy etc or a diagnosed issue like irritable bowl syndrome or just plain old bloating it’s time to start taking more interest in our gut health and learn how to keep it in tip […]