Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise | Home Workouts

Benefits of Exercise

There are many benefits of exercising, and here at NRG, we have compiled some of our favourites.

It Is Time Saving & Convenient

During these strange times it can be hard to get motivated to workout. So, having the convenience of
having a wide variety of fitness classes at your fingers tips always helps. There is no need to waste time
searching the internet for different workouts to try out and not knowing if they are suited to your fitness
level or if they are any good. You can save so much time as there is no need to be going for a long run/walk
you can get a great workout done in the space of 30/45mins.

It Is Flexible & Versatile

Our timetable suits everyone’s schedule as we have live classes from 7:00-20:00. If you cannot make a live
class, then you can choose from our Video On Demand section. You can easily book into our live classes for
4 days in advance to help you create a plan for the week. If you are working in an office and cannot make it
home for a class do not worry you can participate in the classes from your office on your phone, computer,
or tablet.

Availability Is Never an Issue

There is no set capacity for classes, no matter how busy the class is you will always be able to participate.
Even you if decide last minute you can book into the class just before the class begins.

You Can Enjoy Privacy

Enjoy working out from the privacy of your own home can be quite enjoyable as you do not have to worry
about anybody watching you other than the instructor (To make sure your form is correct). So, whether it
is how you do your burpees or how you dance to your Zumba class feel free to dance like no one is

It Is Budget Friendly

Saving money is one of the best benefits of exercising at home. No need to shell out for driving, and no
pressure to have stylish workout clothes. Some of our classes require equipment but for the most part you
can participate doing bodyweight exercises. Avail of the 56 live classes and Video On Demand library for
€24.99 per month.

Workout with your family

One of the benefits of working out from home is all your family can join in and get fit together. You can
challenge each other to see who can achieve their fitness goals first. Once you sign up the whole family can
have access to our NRG Online platform.


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We hope that you enjoyed this article on benefits of exercise. Stay tuned for more blog posts from NRG.