Finding Routine with Fitness and Health

Fall back to Fitness

As we approach the winter months and the evenings get shorter, it can be hard for people to stay motivated and stay on top of the health and fitness. Going to the gym can be put on the back burner. Bad weather, gloomy evenings, extra layers its not everyone’s favorite time of year.

But going to the gym doesn’t have to be a chore. Find something that works for you, little tips and trick to keep yourself consistent. Look at this time of year as your off season. Time to rebuild after the summer festivities or hot girl summer!! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to go to the gym 4-5 days a week for hours at a time. Cut it down to 2-3 days work on strength work on building. Eat those extra calories and heal the body. Three 45min session a week with a basic strength program will help you to keep up the routine without loosing momentum. Enjoy food and indulge a little (within reason obviously) That way when the new year rolls around (yes its creeping up) you won’t be starting from scratch. So Fall back to fitness today.